Our Story

The functional jewelry for AirPods and wireless earphones

ChainPods is the innovative accessory that modernizes the way you use your wireless earphones. Its classy and ergonomic design turns that simple cord into functional jewelry.

The idea behind the AirPods chain came to me on a winter day, during vacation. It was a moment when my AirPods and music were essential to my daily life. One morning, as it was snowing, my intuition push me to go skiing. As you know, sports and music go very well together. Life with music is much better. Finally, I had a skiing accident and lost my AirPods in the snow...

Of course, finding small wireless earphones in powder snow was not ideal. Convinced that my AirPods were lost forever. I ended up buying a new pair. But there was no way I was going to lose them again. So, I recycled a sunglasses cord and attached it to my brand-new earphones. This accessory changed my daily life, I no longer had to worry about the safety of my earphones. That cord was some much appreciated all my friends and family that I have decided to create a brand.

ChainPods, a brand that delights both active people like me and those who want to showcase their style. A small piece of jewelry that will fill your relationship with your AirPods and wireless earbuds with complicity.